Thursday, 18 August 2011

One-Visa says, “Now Travel in and out of Singapore with minimum hassle with Singapore Employment Pass”.

The Government of Singapore provides work pass to the foreigners called as Singapore Employment Pass.  This Visa mainly provides to shareholders, entrepreneur, directors and skilled-professionals to work and live in Singapore. It provides permission to stay and work in Singapore, minimum for 12 months and maximum two years. Singapore Employment Pass (EP) validity for fist time applicant is up to 2 years. Though, the validity for renewals of Employment Pass is up to three years time period.

Individual can apply for Employment Pass if the applicant is an Entrepreneur who is willing to incorporate a company in Singapore and wish to live and earn money in this country. With the Singapore Employment Pass the pass holder can travel in and out of Singapore with minimum hassle of immigration. Another benefits of this employment pass, the pass holders are also eligible to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence Visa (PR). There are other benefits available for you and your foreign employees in Singapore, if they are in Singapore for short time period between two – Six months can apply for Singapore Short Term Employment Pass or Singapore Training Employment Pass.   

Documents Required for Singapore Employment Pass via One-Visa:-
  • Resume detailed with your history of educational and employment.
  • Copy of your educational certificate and past employer certificate.
  • A copy of your passport detail and your photograph.
Note:  If any of the document which is not in English should be translated into English only by the official translation service center.

Eligibility required for Singapore Employment Pass:-
  • Q1 – For the person, who has the degree of recognized qualification, earning minimum SG $ 2800/- pm with 3-5 years of experience for relevant work.
  • P1 – For Professional, Managerial, Executive and specialist Jobs: There fixed salary should be minimum SG $ 8000/- pm.
  •  P2 – For Professional, Managerial, Executive and specialist Jobs, having recognized degree earning fixed salary should be SG $ 4000/- pm.
One Visa ensures the facilities provided to our respected clients:-
  • Our proven track is 100%
  • Processing time 2 weeks.
  • Experience consultants who give you comprehensive advice.
  • In many cases our respected clients get their visa approval with in two weeks upon submission.
  • Unfortunately if there is some error in your employment pass process or it is not being approved, our consultant will inform you for the same with in 15 days. We will charge only 50% of our service fee.
The application is evaluated by Ministry of Man Power based on your merits. Only a recognized educational degree can not be the guarantee of Employment pass approval. You will have to fulfill the other criteria also. There are lots of factors which can effects on your application. Such as like your salary, age, company background, current citizenship, related work experience, role, responsibilities, paid up capital of company.

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