Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Guide to Singapore Employment

Singapore is a country which has lowest unemployment rate. If you wish to make a career in a country with great lifestyle and excellent quality of life then Singapore is the place for you. Foreigners in this country feel at home because of the hospitality of the local people. With endless job opportunities in the country you can reach the pinnacle of your professional abilities. 


The country has constantly been known as a global business center because of its excellent infrastructure, open business strategies, political policies, highly skilled workers and the use of English as main language. According to a report by World Bank Group Singapore ranks first in terms of business regulations.The 2008-2009 Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum ranks the country first in terms of economies of Asia.
Employment: With over 30 % of its workers being foreigners the country has always extended its hand towards people wanting to work with them. There is shortage of workers in Singapore presenting ample opportunity to foreigners. The sectors which are expanding in the country are bio-medical sector, financing sector, manufacturing,  tourism and media.
  • Finance sector: There is a shortage of finance sector professionals in the country. The finance companies are welcoming professionals who are talented and have a zeal to succeed.The UBS, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Citigroup private bank are some of the banks expanding their network in the country. Societe Generale, a French lending company has set up its office in Singapore to take advantage of today’s market situation.
  • Bio-medical sector: The Biomedical Sciences Initiative was started in 2000 to look after the various research  activities in the sector. Applied Biosystems, Baxter, Biosensors, CIBA Vision and Fisher Scientific are some companies which have expanded their work in the country. Abbott’s US$280-million nutritional powder manufacturing plant is a big investment by the company in Singapore.
  • Manufacturing Sector: Electronics employs about 90,000 workers and is all set to employ more professionals.Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Infineon Technologies, Rockwell Automation are some of the major firms which employ a large number of people. The manufacturing sector is expanding continuously and is looking for talented professionals.
Visa: To work in the country you require Singapore Employment Pass. Applicants must have a minimum monthly salary of $ 2,500 to apply for this pass. There are three types of employment pass and you can apply for Singapore Employment Pass according to your job type and salary earned.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Singapore Personalized Employment Pass facilitates you to Live in Singapore without Renewal

There is good news for foreigners to live in and work in Singapore without worrying for re-apply for there Employment pass while quitting current job. Sounds like unbelievable? Yes, this is true. Now you can stay here and able to search for a new job in Singapore.  One-visa brought to you Singapore Personalized Employment Pass (PEP). This helps you and facilitates you to easily travel in and out of Singapore without any hurdle.  This Visa allows them to work in Singapore up to 5 years and not to be tied with any of the company.

This Visa is same like as Singapore Employment Pass, but there is whole lot of difference between Employment Pass and Personalized Employment Pass. You can apply for PEP personally. There is no requirement for any employer confirmation letter. Only your personal documents requires for PEP. And you can search for a job while living in Singapore.

Sometime foreigner get tensed when they left their job due to of the any reason without hiring by new employer and he has to leave Singapore and his work pass need to be cancelled. But with PEP you are able to stay continuously in Singapore up to six months and search for a new job within the said time period without re-applying for an Employment Pass. This is so because; PEP holders are not tied with any particular employer. The time of six months is a grace period allowed by Singapore Personalized Employment Pass.

There are some more benefits for PEP

• PEP holder can apply for Singapore Dependent Pass to bring his family and stay with them.
• After working in Singapore for minimum period of 12 months, the PEP holder may apply for Singapore Permanent Residence Pass and live like a citizen here.
Now you must have a curiosity to know about the document which may eligible you to get this opportunity. We are going to let you know for the same.

Eligibility for PEP is as following below:

• People who all are earning S$ 8000/- per month
• P2 holder; who has worked in Singapore for at least 2 years and earn at least S$30,000 annually
• Q1 holder; who has worked in Singapore for at least 5 years and earn at least S$30,000 annually
• Foreign Graduates from MOM recognized institutes, higher learning in Singapore who have at least two years of work experience on a P or Q with an annual income of at least $30,000.
• Current P1 holder; who is working in Singapore and going to change his job
• Foreign P1 holder; with his last day of employment or last drawn pay within 6 months of the time of this PEP application
We provides all kind of information regarding all kind of Singapore Visa applied by our clients to facilitate them, like respond them with in 15 days for its process. You may contact us + 65-6407 1579 or mail at we will attend you personally.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Keep Pace ahead for Your Singapore Entrepreneur Pass

Singapore Enterpass requires, in case any foreigner entrepreneur willing to start his business in Singapore and stay there as a Singapore citizen. Singapore Enterpass is a scheme, to lure foreign entrepreneurs before over 6 years. The main purpose was of this Enterpass to give a boom to Singapore as a regional hub. It attracts best entrepreneurs to get start their business in Singapore and make money they desires.
One-visa made it possible to apply it before incorporating a company in Singapore.  As and when your Singapore Enterpass is approved, the members of authority give you one month to get start your company here and introduce the required share capital. 
Entrepreneur pass allows you to get your family stay along with you in Singapore. Family should be including spouse, unmarried children below 21 years or unmarried daughter above 21 years, legally adopted children, step children can relocate, study and work in Singapore. They just need to apply for Singapore dependent pass or Singapore long term pass. A separate application form should be filling-up for each family member.
This visa has more benefits like he can travel in and out of Singapore without any hassle.  He is eligible to hire local or foreigner citizens to work in his company as employee.

Eligible requires for Singapore Enterpass or Entrepreneur Pass:
1. Capable for registering a private limited company at least with S$50,000 paid-up capital
2. At the point of application, the company must be new and registered in Singapore only for six months.
3. Applicants need to submit a 10-page business plan stating clearly the business goals and objectives and the proposed business venture must be in entrepreneurial nature.
4. He will be able to apply for dependent pass for his family; he is earning at least S$ 8000 in a month.

Do you think you are eligible to establish your own company in Singapore; just a simple process is a head from your success. Apply for Singapore Entrepreneur pass and get changed your life. Or want to more information don’t forget to visit and get all doubt cleared. Or you may contact us at by your phone 65-6407 1579 or by email  we are always here to facilitate you anytime.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Singapore Permanent Residence Visa – Now Easy to Apply.

Singapore Permanent Residence Visa has provided permanently staying permission to number of foreigners and their families. The current population of Singapore is 4.9 million people. And it is increasing now. Most of the foreigners are getting Singapore Permanent Residence after working there six month to five years in Singapore. This visa lets you enjoy many benefits. It also provides you and your family to live, study, works, buys property, and become a part of society of this beautiful country.

Permanent residence also opens the door to get full citizenship of Singapore; you need to wish one day to take on Singapore nationality. It may take two or more years, but it is the only path to obtaining a Singapore passport apart from being born to a Singapore citizen. One-Visa made it easy by providing Singapore Permanent Residence Visa.

With Singapore Permanent Resident Visa you are eligible for perks such as travel in or out of Singapore freely. Your employer is required to make your monthly contribution to a compulsory Pension scheme and you have no need to apply for Singapore working visa again and again when changing your jobs.

A Singapore Permanent resident Visa application takes 3-6 months to process. This visa is preferable to those people who could contribute to Singapore’s society and economy in term of work experience, qualification, professional skills and income potential.

Benefits and Obligations of Singapore Permanent Residence Visa:

  • As per Singapore Permanent Residence Visa, your spouse and unmarried children under 21are eligible for same while your old parents who are living in foreign are eligible to get Singapore long term Visa Pass.
  • Weather your children are school going they are highly on priority list to enter in public school of your own choice.
  • This visa also provides you the benefit of changing job without any hassle of re-applying for Singapore work permit.
  • Employer of PR holder, need to make your monthly contribution to a compulsory Pension scheme.  PR holder, who have job is also eligible for to join Central Provident Fund Scheme. In this CPF scheme your employer has to contribute. By deducting a share from your salary you are also able to enjoy a form of tax relief.
  • You and your family member are obliged to buy property in Singapore.
  • You may also borrow various loans such as housing loan if you want to buy property.

If you also want to get this amazing Permanent Visa Pass, what are you waiting for just Contact +65-6407 1579 at or e-mail us at and get these all facility.